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Concept of corporate culture
Company Secretary Motto: Life is not rehearsal, every day is broadcast live
Enterprise goals: to do the machinery industry's strong
Wind of the enterprise: fairness, impartiality, integrity, pragmatic
Business philosophy: innovation and never-ending, always seeking better; people-oriented, quality first
The spirit of the enterprise's core: do to others is not easy to do
Fu Wote faith: the ideal above all else
Fu Wote character: hard work, dedication, unity, innovation

Corporate Code of Conduct
The corporate interests of all shareholders, operators, employees' personal interests must be subordinate to the interests of the enterprise;
Fu Wote to serve the shareholders to serve employees in customer service, service to society;
Management efficiency, reduce costs never-ending;
Enterprises must constantly change, the only change is constant.

Human Resources Guidelines
To pay and get on the corresponding rights and responsibilities, and opportunities to accompany;
Enterprises will never be together with every effort to advancement of employees;
Provide opportunities for staff development, staff to contribute to the development of enterprises;
Level employees have a sense of responsibility, mid-level staff should be motivated, have a sense of professionalism of the senior staff;
Enterprise responsible for the staff, employees loyal to the enterprise;
Employers do not suspect that the trust is a prerequisite for efficiency; strengthen supervision, and supervision is the protection of the trust;
Respect for the talent, but do not give talent.

Employee Code of Conduct
Is Fu Wote each employee's words and deeds on behalf of the Fu Wote the image;
Interpersonal simplistic, simple life, practical work;
Do their job without having to see anyone's face;
Advocating professionalism, adhere to professional ethics;
Books, not only on, and only focus on facts, seeking truth from facts;
No pain, no gain, smart, definitely not a substitute for the efforts;
All day to pursue the return of employees often do not get anything;
A little less complaining and a little more understanding; less misunderstanding, a little more communication;
Understanding of the error correction of false starts, and face up to their upgrade their start.

Standards of
System, the implementation of the system, no system to establish a system to constantly improve the system in practice;
Not the person, treat the things that should be rational and emotional factors and shall not affect the handling of the matter;
Not, do not, well considered;
Subordinates obey their superiors, is executed first and then put forward different views; the right to represent responsibility, leadership mistakes must be responsible for the consequences;
Only do small things in order to accomplish great things;
Only good intentions have good results;
Safety in mind, Hengyu care about you;
Can leapfrog to reflect not leapfrog referrals; can the leapfrog check, can not leapfrog command.