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Colorful Pedicure Spa Chair BL-P050

 Spa Massage equipment

1. chair massage on neck, shoulder, back, waist, ass.

2. chair can recline 150o conner and return, foreward and backward total 12cm.

3. water can adjust temperature.

4. whirlpool spa with 7 colors

5. strength can adjust week to strong.

6. comfortable leather

7. warranty: 1 year


Colorful Pedicure Spa Chair BL-P050

1.(1)8 fixed massage balls / (2) Mechanical hand move up and down, left and right, to give 6 kind massage(kneading, knocking, flapping, shiatsu, vibrating, knocking-kneading) to your neck, shoulder, back, waist.
2.Whatever electronic massage function you choose, you will enjoy yourself and appreciate it all the time.
3.the seat can forward and backward, backrest can recline and return, seat and backrest can be adjusted by the electricity, that however your sitting posture and whatever your size, you would love that function to meet your satisfaction.
4.armrests can lift 90o height, convenient your seat at the chair and get out of it. armrest with tray for laying something, drinking, food, whatever you want. 
5.(1) 4 vibrators inside the seat , both of them can bring you to enjoy the profect process of blood circulation. 
6.operation timer: 10mins---30mins (enjoy yourself)

Tub function:
1.colorful basin, you’d as in the beautiful flower.
2.pipeless spa motor inside it, like the honey of flower to moisten your would turn out a splendid water whirlpool, offer you a hydraulics of water power massage function.
3.LED lamp with 7 kinds of light to change one by one into water, provide you a unexceptionable visual enjoyment.
4.footrest can rise and fall, measured by your leg length, meet your need at all time.
5.At the front of tub there are swith controller,which are control hot & cold water inlet and outlet, the water temperature modulated by you.
6.A shower beside the basin to furnish you a perfect shower bath.

Different function with different factory price:

(1)cheaper EXW price

(2)higher EXW price



Our pedicure chair is one of the best ways to make your customers feel pampered and relaxed. We are proud to offer pipeless pedicure chairs, for the best sanitation spa available. Many salons use piped pedicure chairs, which may not drain completely after use. Water then remains in the pipes between customers, which is a perfect breeding ground forbacteria. In addition the water in piped pedicure spas may also contain soap scum, hair, dead skin, body oil and dirt from your previous customers.

To maximize your salon’s profit potential, it is vital to have pedicure spa equipment that leaves your customers with a feeling of security knowing that your salon equipment is free from bacteria. Having state of the art pipeless pedicure spa equipment is the key to repeat customers and referrals.

Our pipeless pedicure chairs have no pipes or air channels that collects residue that breeds harmful bacteria. No large and noisy pumps or blowers. Pipeless pedicure equipment is twice as quiet as the piped spas and four times as quiet as the air-bubble salon spas. Jets can be removed by hand for easy and through cleaning. All pipeless pedicure spas can be cleaned and sanitized in minimal time. 



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